The stars of the Novara area: the gourmet restaurants of the province

Cannavacciuolo, Villa Crespi, Orta

“And then we went out to see the stars again,” Dante said in admiration, observing the night sky during its journey in rhyme towards Paradise.

We too are looking for the same poetic expression full of wonder and heavenly ecstasy, but – unlike the Supreme Poet – we will embark on a very different journey: the discovery of the Novara area and its Michelin starred restaurants.

A Star in the kitchen, and a star on TV

The first important star of the province of Novara is Antonio Cannavacciuolo: well-known both for his excellent cuisine and for his many appearances on television. One Michelin star for his Cannavacciuolo Cafè & Bistrot located in Novara and two Michelin stars for his restaurant in Villa Crespi, a luxurious location on Lake Orta.

Cannavacciuolo Cafè & Bistrot in Novara

In the Bistrot Mediterranean flavours are revisited in a creative and modern way. Start with an hors oeuvres based on seared scallops, turnips in a raspberry vinegar and a shallot emulsion, followed by risotto with baked yellow tomatoes, Sicilian scampi and toasted onion. Then continue with a round raviolo with ossobuco alla Milanese and grilled lemon, removed by turbot served with butter, grilled corn on the cob and amchoor and finally finish with a pre-dessert and a special sweet.

In Orta San Giulio, on the other hand, Campania and Piedmont – Cannavacciuolo’s land of origin and his adopted region – are carefully combined in highly aesthetic creations: it is difficult to choose between the two tastings menus “Carpe Diem” and “Itinerary from southern to northern Italy “.

A destination studded with love and poetry

What for many is recognized as “the most romantic lake in Italy” invites us to stay a little longer to admire its placid waters and its villages painted in in an array of soft tones.

It is truly a magical place, especially for a couples vacation.

So stay in the one of the most charming lakeside locations and book a dinner for two in the most perfect restaurant: the Locanda di Orta, one Michelin star.

There are only two seats on the external terrace: beyond the flourishing wisteria the view opens onto the beautiful historic center. Other tables are available in the small room, in the courtyard and in the characteristic tavern with brick vaults. The gourmet restaurant enchants with its passion for excellence, amazes with its culinary experiments, surprises with items on the menu such as “The scallop that wanted to be au gratin” and “Homage to Fabergé”.

Copyright Agricamelot, Massino Visconti

A celestial reinterpretation of the Novara culture

Let us now move on to taste the typical products of the area. We reach the Novara hills: let’s meet at the restaurant Al Sorriso, where a married couple have obtained a Michelin star thanks to their search for top-quality local ingredients, skillfully used with care and attention to seasonality.

You will receive a cordial welcome from Angelo and Luisa. Their place offers an old-fashioned, timeless, and peaceful atmosphere where they will be happy to serve truffle-based specialties, the inevitable Carnaroli risotto, Fassone al Barolo, cheeses from the Piedmontese valleys and other delicacies.

A star of the city of Novara

We end our journey from where we started, back in Novara: The restaurant Tantris is in Corso Risorgimento. Dishes that are as intriguing to the eye as they are to the palate and a selection of over six hundred wine labels have earned Tantris a Michelin star.

The menu offers a mix of originality and balance. Why not try the sweet and sour squid served with bark infusion? For dessert, definitely order the Bettelmatt zabaglione (cheese produced in Ossola), hazelnut and scorzone truffle.

So, which restaurant in the Novara culinary firmament intrigues you the most?

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