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Novara Experience

Explore Novara, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.

What to see, what to do, and the best hotels for your holidays in Piedmont, just a few kilometers from Milan.

Nature, sport, art and culture, food & wine tours, and activities for children.


Itineraries for connoisseurs on racing bikes and e-bikes

The love story between Italians and the racing bike has distant roots. Through cycling, it is possible to trace the modern cultural history of...

The stars of the Novara area: the gourmet restaurants of the province

"And then we went out to see the stars again," Dante said in admiration, observing the night sky during its journey in rhyme towards...

Discover parks and wildlife oases in the Novara area

After the fourth frescoed church, as magnificent and precious as it is, the interest of a young person tends to fade: in addition to...

Excellent wines of character from the Novara area: a treasure trove waiting to be discovered

It should come as no surprise that Italy, a country well known for its passion for good food and fine wines is also able...

A province with wings: an oasis for birdwatching

Perhaps not everyone knows that, in addition to a well-known cultural, historical and culinary heritage, Italy is one of the most fascinating countries for...

Fairytale Novara: fun for children

If you are planning a holiday with your children in the Novara area, this article is for you: the province offers a variety of...

A lake with a thousand faces: portraits of Lake Maggiore

“It is the most voluptuous place I have ever seen in the world. Nature enchants with a thousand unknown seductions and one feels in...

On the wings of imagination: an unexpected Lake Orta

Lake Orta, set like a gemstone amongst the mountains, cannot be overlooked. It has a magical pull on whoever sees it for the first...

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Panoramic views and historical glimpses for enchanting photographs

How to take memorable souvenir photos of the Novara area, whether you use a simple Polaroid, a Reflex camera or even just a smartphone. San Salvatore di Massino Visconti is a little known destination ideal for enchanting shots of the lake from above. From the top of the hill...

Umbrellas and deck chairs in unexpected places

Sitting on the beach listening to the gentle rhythm of the waves, children building sand castles, cheerful chatter, kids playing beach volleyball and endless sunshine. Camps Bay in South Africa or the white sandy beaches and turquoise sea of Sardinia are not unique: who said, in fact, that delicious...

Where to Stay

Luxury hotels, hotels for children, spa hotels, bed and breakfasts, bike hotels, modern apartments, and guest houses for tourists.

For your stay in Novara or rather on the Novara hills, in contact with nature and the land’s flavors.

For a fun and relaxing holiday on the shores of Lake Orta or Lake Maggiore.

Find your ideal solution among the proposals of Federalberghi Novara.


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