Panoramic views and historical glimpses for enchanting photographs

How to take memorable souvenir photos of the Novara area, whether you use a simple Polaroid, a Reflex camera or even just a smartphone.

San Salvatore di Massino Visconti is a little known destination, ideal for enchanting shots of the lake from above. From the top of the hill you look down over the intense blue of Lake Maggiore’s waters, contoured by the Piedmont and Lombardy coastlines. The ancient religious complex of San Salvatore with its thousand-year-old Romanesque church and chapels also offers excellent photographic opportunities.

Further on down the valley important medieval buildings, such as the castle of Massino Visconti, offer excellent photographic opportunities.

360 ° panoramic photos from the highest peaks

So how about a mountain excursion? The Mottarone mountain, at a height of almost 500 metres, straddling both the provinces of Novara and the VCO, is a strategic point from which to admire Lake Maggiore and six other lakes: those of Orta and Mergozzo in Piedmont, Varese, Monate, Comabbio and Biandronno in Lombardy.

On sunny days it is also possible to see the Monviso, Monte Rosa and the Swiss Alps.

The diversity of views to photograph from a single location is breathtaking. And whilst you are up on Mottarone do not forget to enjoy the thrill of descending on the Alpyland rail bob track. Adjust the speed according to your liking so you can take in the spectacular surroundings.

From Arona, just down the road along the Lake take the boat to Laveno Mombello: On arrival the the cable car climbs to 1,100 meters, to the Sasso del Ferro. From here the scenery is once again magnificent, comprising Lake Maggiore and the surrounding lakes, the Alps and Prealps, Monte Rosa and the Po Valley.


The Mottarone (1492 mt) is part of the Mergozzolo group, or Mottarone massif, in the Pennine Alps, and straddles the provinces of Novara and that of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.

Cable car from Laveno Mombello

Climb the tallest statue in Europe that can be visited by climbing up inside

In the area around Arona there are two attractions that should be visited, both connected to the important Borromeo family from Milan. The Parco della Rocca Borromeo is a wonderful natural terrace with panoramic views. After having taken pictures of the lake, turn around. Behind you lie the fascinating ruins of the ancient defensive fortress destroyed centuries later by the Napoleonic army.

To get an idea of what the strategic fortification looked like in its years of splendour, look across the Lake at its Lombardy brother, the castle of the Rocca Borroeo of Angera, still intact and standing proud. The 17th century statue of San Carlo Borromeo, situated above the Lake, offers magnificent opportunities for a memorable selfie. Standing underneath, the 16th century statue is certainly worth a photo.

However, the sheer height of the statue should be held in consideration: the copper and bronze bishop is more than thirty meters high. Affectionately renamed Sancarlone by the Aronese, the colossus is the second highest human figure statue in the world that can be visited from inside: the view through his eyes, nostrils and ears is breathtaking. And – just think –this statue was used as the model for the Statue of Liberty.


The statue is about 35 meters in height. It is possible to climb up inside the saint’s head From here it is possible to look outside through the holes of the eyes, nostrils, and ears.

All this talk of history requires more enchanting photo-souvenirs.

Your photo reportage should continue with snaps of the characteristic cobbled streets running through many of the bewitching historic villages present throughout the province, north of lakes Orta and Pella as well as in the lower Novara area, for example in Landiona and Sillavengo. A wealth of well-maintained wall murals, stairways and unexpected side glimpses of wonderful views.

Your reportage now requires a truly extraordinary photo. Something unique, which poetically represents the territory you are visiting.

May we suggest that you visit the rice fields in the area on a sunny day and wait for the sunset. The visual and photographic image of Monte Rosa reflected in the rice paddies is a very suggestive memory – and a sure-fire success on your social media page.

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