Golf Clubs, history and panoramas: where to play golf in the Novara area

Passionate about golf? Allow us to make a few suggestions. In the province of Novara and surrounding areas there are many prestigious golf courses within a few kilometers of each other.

As your virtual caddy here are some ideas as to where to play a round of excellent golf while on holiday in the Novara area.

Foto © Bogogno Golf Resort

The oldest Golf Club in Piedmont

The Castelconturbia Golf Clubis the oldest golf club in the area. At the end of the 19th century – when there were only two Golf courses in the whole of Italy – Castelconturbia in Piedmont was one of them. It was originally a nine-hole golf course on the estate of a count and habitually frequented by the Savoia family. After a period of neglect, in 1987 the rebuilt and enlarged golf club was opened to the public: nowadays golfers can play round twenty-seven holes spread over an area that exceeds one million square meters.

The setting is spectacular: a successful integration of the golf course and the surrounding nature, comprising magnificent old trees, sparkling streams and placid lakes.

Foto © Golf Club Castelconturbia

Boundless elegance between green and blue

Another historical curiosity for all golf enthusiasts: the first Italian Open took place in 1925 at the renowned Alpino Golf Club of Stresa. Nine well-groomed holes, inserted in a wonderful location that resembles a postcard. Take our word for it: Playing golf with a panorama like the one that opens up here, on the hills between Vezzo and Gignese, is unforgettable.

The view of Lake Maggiore from the highest peak in the province of Novara is truly spectacular, encompassing a range of different landscapes in a single glance: the Lombardy shore, the nearby Piedmontese villages, the pre-alpine lakes and the Alpine massif in the background.

Foto © Golf Club Alpino di Stresa

Great golf in an elegant location

A few kilometers from the Alpine Golf Club of Stresa the elegant Golf Des Iles Borromées in Brovello Carpugnino offers exceptional panoramic views of the lake.

Eighteen holes at about 600 meters above sea level: the golf course extends over a plateau in the Alto Vergante and is bordered by birch, pine, larch, fir, oak, chestnut and holm oak trees. A variety of inclines are encountered on what is a course designed by Mother Nature and enhanced by the expertise of the architect Marco Croze.

Foto © Golf Des Iles Borromées

Excellent golf combined with excellent wines

Bogogno Golf Resort, 30 kilometers from Malpensa airport is internationally famous throughout the golfing world. There are two par 72s: one is a hilly parkland course, typical of the Ticino Natural Park area, with untouched streams and woods, the other is reminiscent of a links course, featuring wide open spaces, framed by views of the Monte Rosa massif.

At the end of your golfing day, take the time to enjoy another pleasure: a tasting at one of the many D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wine cellars in the vicinity.

Foto © Bogogno Golf Resort

Golf, shopping, excellent cuisine and the lake

Nine holes for the Arona Golf Club: different courses well defended by bunkers, with spectacular water obstacles and scenic woodland bordering the course. Despite the name, the club is not located in Arona, but in nearby Borgoticino: however we highly recommend a walk along the Arona lakefront after your game of golf.

The lakeside town offers charming restaurants with a lake view, modern bars and excellent shopping opportunities in the historic town centre.

Foto © Arona Golf Club

Golf in the area of the river Sesia

We move to the western borders of the Novara area to reach another club in the province, the ASD Royal Golf of Romagnano Sesia. A practice range with eight covered tees, putting green, chipping green and a vocation: both individual and group courses are organized here, placing particular emphasis on the specific aptitudes of the individual golfer.

So: choose your clubs, shoulder your bag. Ready for a hole in one?

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